County Road 11: A Child of Mississippi, Part 2

Emily White (Photo Source: WTOK-TV)
Emily White (Photo Source: WTOK-TV)(WTOK)
Published: Jul. 25, 2019 at 6:49 PM CDT
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Meridian has long been known for it's musical heritage as several local products have made their way from the queen city to the national music charts and beyond. One more up and coming talent is hoping to follow suit and make a name for herself. The second part of her story is featured on County Road 11.

Emily White exploded on the local music scene a couple of years ago and her popularity has continued to grow. In fact, she's currently working on her first CD of all original material, using several local artists. The name of her record? "A Child of Mississippi."

"Every single thing a child grew up with here in the South," said White. "If not all of it, at least one thing: sweet tea, tire swings, chasing tadpoles, and doing all that barefoot in the mud."

"I wanted to paint a picture maybe for anybody who's never been in the South," said White. "A Child of Mississippi pretty much paints that for anybody who doesn't understand the Soul of the South."

Emily is starting to branch outside of Meridian, recently playing shows in Nashville. She's trying to get her name out there, perhaps get a record deal and with a little luck, who knows. She's also realistic and knows there's a lot of aspiring young stars just like her with the same dreams.

"That is the ultimate goal you know but if I don't get that, it's okay," said White. "I loved every moment of trying to get there, but I really do hope that I can shop my new album around to some labels in Nashville and see what comes of it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Emily White, a true Child of Mississippi, hoping to ride her song and her dream to Nashville and beyond.

Parts of Emily's album are being recorded at the MAX in meridian. There is no timetable yet on the release of "Child of Mississippi."