County Road 11: Captains Flea Market

Published: Feb. 27, 2020 at 10:48 AM CST
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Richard Gateway, known widely by most as 'The Captain' has been selling just about all his life. He said he started when he was 15 and has never stopped.

"I thought I wanted to retire at 62. Well, I'm 80 and I'm still here and I'm happy with it," said Gateway. "And I hope to be here for another 20 years."

The Captain built this flea market in Marion about 20 years ago, sold it and built another flea market in the area. Eventually, he bought this one back and added a very popular Amish store, which sells over 40 types of Amish cheeses, jellies, relishes, salsa, cakes, pies, breads, handmade butter and more. In fact, this area just north of the Marion town limits is flourishing with business.

"This is getting to be a pretty good area for flea markets. We've got four flea markets now in Marion," Gateway said. "And along this strip out here we have about 18 other businesses that people are really not aware of."

If you're going to come shop here at Captain's, you might want go plan on allowing some time. There's 18,000 square feet to browse with around 100 booths and 25 vendors featuring literally thousands of items for sale. Before I left, I had to know one thing, where did the name Captain come from?

"About 18 years ago, one of my vendors bought one of these hats at a yard sale, stuck it on my head and somebody said, 'boy that looks good on you'. And I said I need all the help I can get so I've been buying them a dozen at a time ever since."

The Captain's Flea Market, Antiques and Ole Amish Country Store is where new customers and new vendors are always welcome. Come in and visit and you might just find that treasure or unique gift you won't find anywhere else.