County Road 11: Cooley's holding on to the past

Published: Aug. 1, 2019 at 5:48 PM CDT
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Cooley's Hamburgers has been a staple in Waynesboro for the past 80 years or so. It's now under its fourth generation of ownership, and the menu has hardly changed.

"I mean, we've done this forever. I mean, it's hamburgers and hot dogs, smoke, pans. Anyway you want it," said Rosebud, an employee for 16 years.

"I'm not going to send out anything from here to eat that I wouldn't eat," said Peggy Greenhaw, a 17-year employee. "This has always been my job. I love it."

And while Cooley's has changed locations a few times in Waynesboro, the service and simplicity of the business has remained the same. And that's just how folks around here like it.

"You're stepping back in time when you step in here," said customer, Jamie Heathcock, general manager of WABO radio. "It's just pretty much the same faces and the same service you've known here in Waynesboro for all the years."

"It's the best hamburgers in town," said customer Marie Parker. "Best hamburgers. Have been for years. What makes them so good? I guess because they're homemade and they use real meat."

"It's a family oriented place," said Rosebud. "None of us here are blood but we're all family up here because we've all worked here forever."

"It's a generation thing," said Greenhaw. "We see kids in here that's babies and five or ten years they're in here with their family eating."

"I remember when I was a little boy going to get a Cooley burger with my family. It's just part of the community and it will be here for years to come," Heathcock said.

Cooley's Hamburgers in Waynesboro is a throwback in time, and still thriving, having served untold generations over eight decades with many more to come.