County Road 11: Hickory Pick'n

Published: May. 30, 2019 at 4:47 PM CDT
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Eric Johannsen and his wife, Tanya, started dabbling in the flea market business several years ago. After their daughter, Shelby, graduated from high school, they got serious about it, and decided to try and make some money off what had been a hobby.

"And soon we started talking about this location here would be a perfect place, and lo and behold, it became open," said Eric.

He describes Hickory Pick'n as a unique, boutique and antique store, providing customers an organized shopping experience along with great customer service. And to say that it's a family store would be an understatement. His wife, daughter, in-laws and even his grandchildren are all involved.

"This is something we can do together, have a lot of fun. Doing what we do, we get to meet salt of the earth people, from vendors to customers," said Eric.

The store features thousands of items, many of those coming from local vendors. You can find everything from local art, honey, t-shirts, jewelry, clothing and furniture.

"People can come here and get that one of a kind gift."

One thing that's not for sale are the giraffes on the front porch of the store. That's because they serve as somewhat of a mascot.

"Eric, my step dad, he is tall, 6-7. So he's just our giraffe, our family giraffe," said Shelby Harris. "We always thought it would be a fun way to kind of get the mascots involved, to get giraffes and have them here at the flea market."

"It's just a family small business that you can bring other families in and everybody have a good time, have some enjoyment and make a difference in the world in their own little way," said Eric.

The Hickory Pick'n antique store, flea market and gift store is families serving families, and from the looks of it, for generations to come.