County Road 11: High Hill Ranch

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HOUSE, Miss. (WTOK) -- When we think about dairy products, cows normally come to mind. That's not the case for one area woman, who has a goat farm, turned business in House, Mississippi. It's this week's stop on County Road 11.

High Hill Ranch (Photo Source: WTOK-TV)

What started off as a hobby several years ago has turned into a full-time job for Kathy Rickles. She started out with two goats back in 2011 and today, she has nearly 20 goats which Kathy raises to produce milk, cheese and soap.

She's a one-person operation and also has a full-time job as an X-ray technologist.

"I'm to the point where I need to spend more time at home to keep up with everything. It's very rewarding, exhausting but very rewarding," said Rickles.

Kathy says her goats produce around 60 gallons of milk per week. Her chief selling point is that goat milk is very tasty and healthier than milk from a cow.

"A lot of folks are lactose intolerant and can drink goat's milk, and they can not drink cow's milk. It's naturally homogenized. and it's got a lot of antibodies in it that cow milk doesn't have," said Wilkes. "It's lower fat and lower sugar so your diabetic people are better off with it."

"Each one of them has a different personality. I say they're like teenage girls. They're cliquey, and if you don't fit into their little clique, they'll kick you out," said Wilkes. "Each one is very personal to people. They love to be around you and be in your circle. They're chewing on your clothes and they just want to be with you."

If you'd like to try something a little different and perhaps purchase a unique Christmas present, check out High Hill Ranch. You just may leave with a whole new appreciation for goats.

High Hill Ranch is located on Highway 492 East between House and Union and sells goat milk, cheese, and soap

You can find them on Facebook at High hill ranch: Goat MilkSoapCheese. You can also call 601-562-3243.