County Road 11: J&M Entwined Designs

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PHILADELPHIA, Miss. (WTOK) -- Justin and Mandy Clearman of Philadelphia made a leap of faith a little over a year ago to chase a dream. Mandy left her job as a teacher and the couple started up a candle making business from scratch. Their candle making business is featured on County Road 11.

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"These are fragrance oils, and there's been a many of bottles cut over this sink right here," said Mandy and Justin.

Justin and Mandy Clearman have combined their artistic abilities and have ventured into the business world. Mandy, a former math teacher of 12 years, uses her creativity and artistic abilities while Justin, a novice craftsman, builds the woodwork for their candle creations and hand cuts every wine bottle used.

"Her art work, you know, that's our label," said Justin. "Then the scent and the stories associated with those scents, they're just kind of heartfelt, self-motivated things that we've encountered in our lives. Every story behind every candle is something that we've experience."

"I was a geometry teacher so a lot of these shapes and angles everything from eyeballing the pouring of the candles," said Mandy. "It all just kind of wraps in."

Although their candle business has been up and running for only a year, you can find the J and M products already in around 40 stores in 12 states, mostly throughout the Southeast.

While you can find candles in just about every retail store, Justin and Mandy hope the personal touch and heartfelt effort they put in will help grow their product and increase their consumer base.

"Some people actually buy the candle just for the description, after they read it, because they love what it says about it," said Mandy. "We usually try to tie it to the South or to living in Mississippi."

"They're made right here in our home, so every time you buy one of our candles, you're taking a piece of us, our home, home with you," said Justin.

Justin and Mandy Clearman. Entwined together through marriage, and now in business. Sharing their love of each other along with the passion of art and creativity.

The business is located at 903 Chaney avenue in Philadelphia. You can find them on Facebook at jmentwineddesigns

You can call them at (601) 697-9542.