County Road 11: Lil' Daddy's Famous Italian Water Ice

Published: Sep. 5, 2019 at 7:01 PM CDT
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Oliver and Eula Wallace spent most of their married life in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Oliver had been in the printing business about 30 years but the couple decided about a decade ago to make a change.

Eula had family in Quitman and the rest is history.

"She came down here and found a house, by her brother's house and kept calling me to come down here and look at it," said Oliver Wallace. "I'm like, I'm not driving 1100 miles to look at a house. But I came down to pick her up and I fell in love with it."

So after doing a little research, the Wallaces started their own business, Lil' Daddy's Famous Italian Water Ice, from scratch.

"We took his retirement and bought the house and did everything right out of our pockets," said Eula Wallace. "No loans or anything."

The shop in downtown Waynesboro has been open about four and a half years now and is a popular place for locals to drop by and get the tasty treat.

Besides the Waynesboro business, the Wallaces also have two trailers and a food truck that they take to athletic events, fairs, birthdays, weddings, parties, reunions and more. But, just what is Italian Ice?

"The name Water Ice came from Philadelphia, but everybody else knows it as Italian Ice. It's on every street corner up there and I'm shocked it isn't down here," said Oliver.

The Wallaces also say that their product is better than a regular snowball because it has no dairy and less sugar in it, and it takes much longer to melt.

"When you know that God makes all things happen, and I really believe that, God is the foundation of this business."

Oliver and Eula Wallace took a leap of faith and brought the sweet taste of Italian Ice from Philadelphia, Pa., all the Waynesboro, Quitman, Meridian and Hattiesburg and points in between.