County Road 11: Lump's Atomic Dog in Philadelphia

Lump's Atomic Dog in Philadelphia (Photo Source: WTOK-TV)
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PHILADELPHIA, Miss. (WTOK) One of the more unique restaurants in our area, and most uniquely named, is Lump's Atomic Dog in Philadelphia.

A Chicago native moved to the Deep South and wanted to bring some of the taste of the Windy City with her.

"My maiden name is Lumpkins and so my mother called my father Lump," said Vivienna Davis, the store owner. "So therefore when you think of a hot dog stand you need a little snappy short name like Sam's or Pink's so I thought why not Lump's. And my husband came up with the Atomic part because he is a George Clinton fanatic (laughter)."

Chicago native Vivienna Davis is the owner of Lump's Atomic Dog and opened the restaurant in June, 2014. They serve a variety of items, but their specialty--classic Chicago styled hot dogs.

"Thinly shaved beef in au jus which is marinated in Italian spices with bell peppers which have been soaking in this juice for a very long time so it's really tasty. We did the bread in the gravy," said Davis.

"This is just to the roof. It's fantastic and takes you right to Maxwell street. I come through here to get my taste from heaven from time to time," said Joe Hulin, a store customer.

"Hot dogs are generally considered fast food but we don't pre-cook our food. We want to cook it for you when you come in--fresh so that it's not soggy. This is all the food we grew up eating in Chicago that we absolutely love. So for us it's a blast from the past. It's just like a trip down memory lane."

So the next time you're in Philadelphia, stop by Lump's and get the taste of Chicago right here in East Mississippi.

Lump's Atomic Dog is located at 274 West Beacon Street in Philadelphia. It's opened Wednesday through Saturday for lunch and dinner. The phone number is 601-562-1309 and the website is