County Road 11: MCC's Miller Art Gallery

Published: Jan. 30, 2020 at 11:57 AM CST
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John Marshall is in his 34th year as an art instructor at Meridian Community College and he's also the curator of the Miller Art Gallery on campus. He says the current exhibit that runs for the next couple of weeks is one of the most impressive he's ever seen.

"We also have works by famous artists like Walter Anderson in this show," said Marshall. "One of his ceramic heads he produced, and works by April Gornik, a New York city artist."

Selections from the permanent collection at the gallery opened last week and the exhibit features a variety of paintings, sculptures, ceramics and works--many of which have been donated to MCC. Marshall says it's only a small sample that shows the state of Mississippi produces a very large amount of brilliant artists.

"There's so many artists in Mississippi. It's a phenomenal state for the arts. Not only music with blues and things of that nature. You know just the visual arts, the theater arts. You name it, Mississippi has been a great producer of great artists."

"It's super simple, very modernistic presentation style."

Miller says the gallery and exhibit is here for everyone to enjoy and experience in their own way.

"It's not just about seeing it, it's about experiencing art. And when you experience art you see not only what the artist produced--the kind of blood, sweat and tears that went in to making the art. But every art piece has a story. The artists themselves have a story and their artwork actually tells a little bit more about the artists or even what the artists thoughts."

The new exhibit at MCC's Miller Art Gallery--showcasing some of the diverse work by local, state-wide and even nationally acclaimed artists and part of the school's continuing effort to keep the arts alive and well--and appreciated.