County Road 11: Mark Powell

Published: Jan. 23, 2020 at 7:20 AM CST
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Mark Powell has been around the game of golf his entire life. Growing up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he won a number of junior championships. He went to Louisiana Tech University and earned a BA in Management in 1980 but says his life's calling was to be involved with the game of golf.

"I tried selling cars and selling insurance and did well but I always had golf in my heart," said Powell. "So it's a pleasure to wake up every day and knowing I'm doing something in the sport that I love."

Mark has spent the last three plus decades as a golf professional, including the last 16 years as the Director of Golf Operations at the nationally acclaimed Dancing Rabbit Golf Club on the Pearl River Resort.

"Being here at Dancing Rabbit in the state of Mississippi and encouraging people to come to the state of Mississippi and being the focal point of our area and the flagship course of Mississippi has been a pleasure for me to do and a privilege," Powell said.

Perhaps the greatest honor of Mark's career came a few months ago when he was inducted into the PGA Gulf States Hall of Fame, which includes the states of Mississippi and Louisiana. It's a reward for a man and his longtime dedication for growing the game that he loves.

"The greatest thing about being a golf professional is helping golfers," said Powell. "Whether it's Lindsey Hall or an Andy Ogletree or whoever I work with, the one thing that I'll always have is that ability to teach golf, to promote golf and to make golf better for everyone."

Mark Powell, a great ambassador for the game of golf in Mississippi, an excellent instructor, winner of multiple amateur titles and now a Hall of Famer. Well done, my friend.