County Road 11: Needham Cash Grocery Store

Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 1:26 PM CST
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Alan Mcilwain is a lifelong resident of Needham and his great uncle ran this store when he was growing up. Alan purchased the store in July 1991 and has been serving the needs of many in these parts of West Alabama for the last three decades. You can find a little bit of everything here. From knifes, oils and groceries to gun supplies, fishing tackles and automotive supplies.

"We have pretty much about anything you would want. A lot of times customers will come in and be looking for things and I always try throughout the years to stock what the customer in my area their need."

In recent years, Alan added a grill and deli and serves up homemade hamburgers and fries, philly steak sandwiches and on Friday's, you better come early to get a seat for fried fish

"A lot of people come from all over the county yes sir from Butler, Silas, Gilbertown. They come and we have fish plates and shrimp plates and we have a lot of people come from all over the county and eat with us."

"We have stick bologna. We have customers come in and ask for ham and bologna sandwiches all the time. We have hoop cheese. That's a favorite. Lots of people remember that from their childhood so they come down here and they want it."

"So one with pickles and mayo only and one without mustard and mayo."

"I like how family oriented it is. They're very big on hunters of course and Alan is the sweetest man ever. There's not a lot of Mom and Pops stores around anymore so whenever you find one it's a treat."

"The store is something that my family had so I'm just carrying on a tradition you know for my family and making a living at it too. I enjoy being around the people in Needham."

The Needham Cash Grocery Store.Serving folks in this corner of Choctaw County, Alabama for generations. For many, it's family, it's friends and it's home.