County Road 11: Neverending service

Published: Sep. 19, 2019 at 5:17 PM CDT
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Malcolm Threatt served as Sunday school director for First Baptist Church in Marion for about 20 years until the mid 1980s. But after leaving that post, he felt like he could still do a lot in his service to the Lord. So he and his wife, Evelyn, started conducting services at Bedford Care Center of Marion.

Thirty years later, the couple is still spreading the Gospel to the residents there. They rarely miss a Sunday. That's even more remarkable when you consider that Malcolm is 93 and Evelyn is 91. They both say it's a labor of love.

"You feel like God is letting you have an opportunity to witness for Him and maybe help them along life's pathway a little bit," said Malcolm Threatt.

"I guess we kind of complement one another," said prayer leader Evelyn Threatt. "It's just always a joy to be doing something of this nature."

This past June, the Threatts celebrated what few couples can boast, their 75th wedding anniversary. Both are still active, taking care of the lawn, the flowers and the house. But their true calling is Sunday mornings at Bedford, where Malcolm will lead singing and teach a Sunday school lesson and Evelyn will say a word of prayer

"They truly show that they care about them and it's obvious for volunteers that have come for 30 years," said Bedford's Wallie Starnes. "We have lots of volunteers but none that have come as long as they have and been as dedicated."

"You know, maybe it's something that's said or some song that's sung, somewhere it's said perhaps that will give them some benefit as well," said Malcolm.

"I'm always glad to see them," said Evelyn. "I try to touch each one of them every Sunday morning and say something to them."

Malcolm and Evelyn Threatt, volunteering their time and energy for 30 years now and ministering to those who can't get out any more. And they don't show any signs of slowing down any time soon.