County Road 11: Pierce Castle

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DECATUR, Miss. - (WTOK) "We built this castle because my mother of my mother. We were out here shelling butter beans and she said what would be so beautiful is to see a castle up on this hill. And so all my sisters just looked at her and though she was crazy," said Margaret Muse Lorren, the owner.

Pierce Castle (Photo Source: WTOK-TV)

It sounds like a fairy tale, but it's real life. Over 60 years ago, Margaret Muse Lorren's mother, Margaret, told her husband, Grover, that his track of land in Decatur would look especially nice if a castle were built on it. Many years later, that dream became a reality when Pierce Castle was completed in 2008.

"You know the old statement build it and they will come. It actually happened. We built it and decided to build a wedding venue to it rather than just the castle so we've got this huge wedding venue so that nobody would have to get a wedding in the rain," said Lorren.

Renovations were made to the castle in May 2013 and now it offers indoor and outdoor facilities to host receptions, weddings and all types of events..

"When we first built it the neighbors thought we were absolutely crazy. You're gonna build a castle Margaret. This can't be real," said Lorren.

"It's the awe factor. People come to this castle and they're just awe stricken because they can't believe that this castle is just out in the middle of nowhere," said Lorren.

The castle also comes complete with a cabin and stream in the back. Pierce Castle in Decatur---a place where dreams actually become reality.

Pierce Castle promotes itself as Mississippi's premier magical event venue. The banquet capacity is 250 and should you book a group event, some 60 to 90 days in advance is required. For more information, you can visit the website at: