County Road 11: Sciples Mill

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KEMPER COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) Sciples Mill in rural Kemper County is one of the few remaining water-powered grist mills in the country that's still in operation. It's definitely a family affair business, as a fifth generation is now in charge of the historic site. It's the latest stop on County Road 11.

Sciples Mill (Photo Source: WTOK-TV)

The historic Sciples Mill has been in business almost continuously for over 225 years. The only downtime coming from some flooding and a tornado. In fact, the site was leveled in 1973 by a tornado and rebuilt.

And now, fifth generation owner Andy Sciple continues to operate the 1600 pound grinding stones, offering the likes of corn meal, grits and whole-wheat flour to customers. They pay for the products by leaving their money in an honor box.

"What really makes it unique is it's privately owned and we still grind for the public on Saturday mornings, said Eddie Sciple, the owner of the mill. "If you have a bushel of corn and you want to bring it in and get it ground, I'll keep my part of an eighth. That's the same that it was in 1790, so the price hasn't increased."

Sciples Mill has garnered national acclaim on several occasions. It's been featured on national network news as well as the television show "Dirty Jobs" on the Discovery Channel.

On Saturday nights, young and old alike converge on the old general store right across from the mill for the Opry: a night of singing featuring gospel favorites and old country standards.

"I like going. It's pretty fun and I like playing the piano. I like to play Jerry Lee Lewis music. That's pretty fun," said Seth Holmes a young performer at the Opry.

So if you'd like to take a step back in time, visit Sciples Mill in Kemper County. The prices never change in this time-honored family tradition. You might just catch the next Jerry Lee Lewis in action.

Sciples Mill is located a few miles north of DeKalb in rural Kemper County. You can find out more on the facebook site: Sciples Water Mill. You can also call (601) 743-2295.