County Road 11: The Wright Cafe at Union Station

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) -- You may remember last year we profiled a Jamaican native that had come to Meridian to be with his girlfriend and hopefully one day open a restaurant. Since then, Delroy Ming has gotten married and formed a partnership in a downtown eatery. It's featured on County Road 11.

(Photo Source: WTOK-TV)

When we first met Delroy Ming last August, the native of Jamaica was trying to make some money selling his homemade seasonings and hoping he could turn his love of cooking into a business.

As fate would have it, Jamard Wright, who owns the cafe at Meridian's Union Station, was the photographer at Delroy's wedding a few months back. The two met, and quickly formed a partnership.

"He was like I can cook and I'm like a lot of people say they can cook," said Wright. "I hadn't seen the segment on WTOK, but my mom always told me that everybody is just one person of influence away from their goals and dreams. He needed a chance, and I had a chance to give."

"I told him, don't close it though. I said I got this," said Ming. "I said I'm gonna bring these people in here and I'm gonna do my thing and he just said okay."

Just over three months ago, Delroy and Jamard combined their talents and opened the Wright Cafe. For six days a week, they serve everything from curry chicken to ox tails along with a wide assortment of vegetables, with a unique Caribbean flavor.

"It's the uniqueness of what I do and how I do it that makes it a lot different and taste a lot different," said Ming.

"I have my own set of skills as maybe marketing and how to do business," said Wright. "He has his in cooking and I think together, -it's more of a partnership relationship now. It's going to grow into a brotherhood and from brotherhood, those are lifelong relationships."

Delroy Ming, Jamaican born and now living out his American dream.

"This is my goal to get into a restaurant, and I started doing my thing," said Ming. "God is good. He's great and just can't stop giving him thanks man.

The Wright Cafe at Union Station. Quaint, unique, and dishing out delicious food, and it may have never happened if not for an unlikely meeting and partnership

The Wright Cafe is open for lunch every day except Saturday. You can call them at (731) 571-2165.

They are also on Facebook at The Wright Cafe.