County Road 11: Veteran broadcaster turned author

(Photo Source: WTOK-TV)
(Photo Source: WTOK-TV)(WTOK)
Published: Jul. 4, 2019 at 6:38 PM CDT
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While working in radio throughout the country for over 50 years, Newton native Bob May moved back home six years ago to help take care of his dad after the death of his mother.

He's back in local radio now and recently penned a book dedicated to Baby Boomers taking care of aging parents. It's featured on County Road 11.

In five plus decades in radio, Bob May has just about done it all. However, he's taking a break from radio this summer to promote his first book.

"It's called "Have Fun Dammit," said May. "I hope you're not offended, but it's an expression my old dad used when he caught us down and despondent and he'd wanted to cheer us up. He'd poke us in the ribs and say 'have fun dammit.' It's really a story about being able to have fun even in dire and serious circumstances."

Bob says he wrote the book with a humorous slant, a Lewis Grizzard look, and a southern style to deal with a number of issues. He also talks about how it feels like coming home after spending a lot of time away from his beloved South.

"It's been a gas and a ton of fun to come back home to Mississippi after a 50 year absence and be able to reacquaint myself with my home and my community and all the things that I almost literally forgot and I now re-remember," said May. "That's very gratifying that I had that experience to be an East Mississippian in my upbringing and to come back home to the same wonderful place and people."

The book has only been on the shelves for only a couple of months, but has been doing very well. In fact, locals will get a chance this Saturday to get an autographed copy at the MAX, and there appears to be a sequel already in the making.

"I am about halfway through getting another book out and hopefully will do that before the end of the year," sad May. "It will probably come out with a name like, 'Have More Fun Dammit,' hahaha."

Bob May, a colorful character, a long time radio man and now author. He practices what he preaches: having fun while facing some serious situations, and hoping you do the same as well.

The book is available locally at the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience.

Bob will be on hand at the MAX Saturday, July 6, between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. signing copies of the book.