"Coupon Craze": National Coupon Month

MISSISSIPPI (WTOK) - ALABAMA (WTOK) - In the wake of recent storms many people are looking for ways to help others. Today we're sharing with you a cost saving way that some locals are helping others and themselves throughout the year.

"Well, I started couponing because I have kids," says Chelsea Carter from Butler, Alabama. She says using coupons over the past year has saved her a lot of money.

"I save anywhere from $50 during a shopping trip to over $100 on a shopping trip," says Carter, and she's not alone.

September is National Coupon Month. As part of it, Newscenter 11 caught up with an avid couponer in York, Alabama who agrees with Benjamin Franklin's thoughts that "a penny saved is a penny earned."

"It probably takes about 7 or 8 transactions for me to make a haul in one day at a store" says, Kim Parker Coleman from York, Alabama.

Almost three years ago Kim started using coupons. Since then, she says she's saved thousands.

"Most times when I come in they say, 'Here's goes Mrs. Parker with the coupons,' but they've gotten accustomed to me."

Kim does not think of herself as an extreme couponer, but some people might disagree. She's paid as little as 3 to 19 cents for purchases. One time Kim says she even went to the store and accumulated a bill that was about $1,000 and maybe paid $5 at most.

"I usually make a list of things that I want for the week, and this week I'm shopping for certain items," says Coleman. I usually give about half of it away, or I shop for several other families, and I keep some. I buy dog food, and I don't have a dog. I give that to my sister and my dad. They love it! They come to my house and shop! The only thing I buy without coupons is clothes. It's a great way to save money, and it's my little hobby."

Kim Parker Coleman is helping others save when shopping. For more information you can check out her tips on Facebook at "Couponing Made Easy KC.