"Creepy Clown": Local teen's work goes viral

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) A big name movie release is getting a local who calls himself 'a small town teen' a lot of attention. The Stephen King classic horror story, "It" will debut in theaters Friday.

Source: Eagan Tilghman

Eagan Tilghman is getting a lot of exposure because of his talents in recreating the movie's key character.

"My parents always just let me be myself instead of forcing me to be someone else," says Eagan Tilghman, 17.

Over the last few weeks he has received a great deal of national exposure for pictures of one of his seven siblings that's he's posted on social media.

"I've been doing this since December with a bunch of different characters," says Eagan. "I wasn't really expecting it."

The photos feature his three-year-old brother, Louis, in the guise of the movie's signature character. Since being posted, the pictures have gone viral.

"I don't like that I'm getting attention," says Eagan. "I like that my work is getting attention."

The modest senior from Northeast Lauderdale says he has been drawing since a very early age.

"I was in a few art classes in school. The rest I kind of just taught myself," said Eagan. "I've just kind of grown up drawing and making things."

"He does this costume play, or whatever they call it," says Eagan's mother, Brook Tilghman, "but he does so much more than that! I mean, every day, all day is creative. I mean, he'll be drawing on a Styrofoam cup."

Sketching, painting murals and portraits are just some of the other ways that Eagan uses his crafty creativity.

"I believe everything he has was given to him by God," says Eagan's father, Todd Tilghman. "It's anointing by God. So, we never pushed him. We just tried to help. So, there were times that we'd have to ease him this way or the other way within boundaries."

"I get teased a lot less now," says Eagan,"but before, I guess the teasing just came from being different, I guess."

For Eagan being different is now making a difference, and catching the eye of producers at some national media outlets.

"Believe it or not, Eagan doesn't even know," says his mom. "We've actually gotten contacted by several different people that are interested,"

Seemingly unfazed by his growing notoriety, Eagan says his work is just a labor of love that he wants to continue to share.

Eagan's parents say they've been contacted by some national media outlets about possible appearances on shows such as "Live with Kelly and Ryan."

Eagan says he would love to share his talents on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Once he graduates from high school, Eagan plans to attend Meridian Community College and major in graphic design. He wants to one day work in the film industry.

Eagan Tilghman (Source: WTOK-TV)