Distinguished Young Women highlight: Jacy Waltman

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CLARKE CO., Miss. (WTOK) - Jacy Waltman is excited to be a part of this year’s Distinguished Young Women program representing Clarke County. She has been a dancer since she was 3 years old.

Photo Credit: Jess Waltman

“I will perform my solo to Dream On created by Aerosmith and covered by Kelly Sweet,” Waltman says. “I love being a dancer, it’s definitely is a fun way to keep me active.”

Jacy says she is confident that she will overcome any nerves she has going into the program.

“I think I’m most nervous about fitness just because it’s a different environment that you’re not used to, and there’s so many more girls on stage than there were at my local, and so it has its pros and cons but I’m very excited and confident in myself that I will be able to push through it,” Waltman says.

Waltman hopes to inspire the younger generation of girls in Clarke County to pursue their goals.

“I enjoy the DYW program and I chose to participate because I saw the girls who were older than me be in it and they were very confident and they were just truly themselves, and what it means to me to be a representative of Clarke County is to be a role model for the younger girls in the community and just be an advocate for empowering young girls to be themselves and to even engage and be involved with the program,” Waltman explains.

The Distinguished Young Women of Mississippi Program will be held at the Evangel Temple starting at 7:30 p.m. next Thursday and Friday, and then starting at 8 p.m. next Saturday.