DYW contestants meet the judges

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - The Distinguished Young Women of Mississippi representatives were at the MAX Wednesday night for the annual judges party.

The girls enjoyed a Mexican style bar catered by Weidmann's for dinner and then were able to tour the exhibit before the judges arrived. They say it gave them a chance to catch up on their Mississippi history and get to know the judges before their interviews Thursday.

"So tonight we have the judges party, but we're also touring the MAX which is really entertaining and we're learning a lot about Mississippi and what it has to offer," Neshoba County DYW Abby Seale says.

"I definitely think meeting the judges tonight will kind of ease our nerves because we get to realize that the judges are real people," Clarke County DYW Clancy Slay says. "They're not here to bring us down or anything. They're real people."

Onstage competition begins at 7:30 Thursday night at the Evangel Temple.