EF-1, EF-2 tornadoes confirmed in Mississippi Tuesday night

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JACKSON, Miss. (WTOK) -- Two damage assessment teams from the National Weather Service surveyed damage from tornadoes that touched down late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning.

Star, in Rankin County, took a hit from an EF-2 tornado last night. Peak winds were estimated around 120 mph. The tornado was at its strongest as it tracked through Star. The tornado formed in Rankin County about six miles south of Florence and ended about seven miles north of Braxton. Trees were snapped and uprooted. Damage to several homes was reported, including the collapse of an exterior wall of one house.

A second tornado formed from the same severe thunderstorm a short time after the Star tornado dissipated. The second tornado touched down in Rankin County about four miles north-northwest of Puckett and tracked into Smith County, dissipating about two miles south-southeast of Polkville. This tornado was an EF-1 tornado with peak winds estimated at 95 mph.

Also, an EF-2 tornado was confirmed in Baskin, Louisiana, which is in Franklin Parish. Peak winds were estimated at 120 mph. Another tornado formed in northwest Madison Parish, Louisiana, however the damage areas were inaccessible to storm survey teams. For now, the rating of that tornado is unknown.

Additional information, including more specific wind speed estimates, will be added when the information is available from the National Weather Service.