Dangerous road raises concerns

Published: Jan. 14, 2020 at 6:24 PM CST
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Melvin, Alabama, is a small town with a big problem that some residents say leaders are taking too long to fix.

A hole along Melvin Road is not only an eyesore but also a danger for drivers.

Forester Ira Carlisle works near the problem site and said he wants to see progress.

"It’s one of the main thoroughfares on this end of the county,” said Carlisle. “A lot of timber gets hauled over it daily, the main water line that serves a lot of the community around here also is in this curve."

Carlisle said he’s surprised no one has gotten seriously injured.

"Anybody that's not from here that just happens to be passing through and they're not aware of it, they can very easily get hurt,” said Carlisle.

The road has dropped off at least 15 feet over the last year and a half. Carlisle said if the problem isn't fixed soon, it will only get worse.

"It’s gotten worse and worse and worse and it's basically down to a single lane,” said Carlisle. “It’s been a lot of local people that have complained and asked for it to be fixed.”

Carlisle said he has seen very little progress.

“It just seems like it's on the back burner, our county commissioners seem to be working on it, but you know after a while, it gets kind of disheartening,” said Carlisle.

Newscenter 11 was unable to get Choctaw County Commissioners to comment on the road.

However, County Engineer Lance Jordan said the county has received repair recommendations from the state and repairs should be made in the spring or summer.

The problem started back in April 2018 due to significant flooding and heavy rain.

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