Dangerous severe thunderstorms, tornadoes possible Sunday

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Severe thunderstorms capable of producing strong tornadoes are possible on Easter Sunday.


The winds throughout the depth of the atmosphere are highly favorable for severe thunderstorms. We won't need much instability for Sunday to become volatile and dangerous very quickly. As it happens, instability is the one factor that, if it holds back significantly, may help to lessen our risk locally. While it's possible, the risk of dangerous storms is high enough that it should be our primary focus and we should prepare for a worst-case-scenario.


That worst-case-scenario includes potential for tornadoes, some of which may be strong and long-lived. Other impacts from severe thunderstorms can include destructive winds in excess of 70 mph and golf-ball-sized hail.


Rain will begin increasing late Saturday afternoon. It can fall on-and-off through early Sunday morning. The threat of severe thunderstorms will increase starting between 7 AM and 10 AM. It will diminish between 4 PM and 7 PM. The timing can change, so be sure you're staying updated with daily updates.

What should you do now?

  • It's important to stay informed and be aware of changes to the forecast.

  • Have a plan and know what to do if dangerous weather threatens. If you live in a mobile home, that plan should include alternate an shelter. You should move to that alternate shelter when a watch is issued if you can't get there within about five minutes.

  • Make sure everyone in your home knows the plan and knows what to do and where to shelter if a tornado threatens.

  • Have sources of information other than social media, your cell phone, and tornado sirens.

  • The problem with cell phones: If a tornado hits cell towers, your information is lost. That happened in the Nashville tornadoes earlier this year.

  • The problem with social media:
    Social media uses algorithms that often prevent all information from being seen for anywhere between a week and a year.

  • The problem with tornado sirens: Tornado sirens often don't work. Even if they do, you may not hear them over heavy rain and wind.

  • Make sure you have a rabbit ear antenna for your television, especially if you usually use streaming services. Make sure your NOAA Weather Radio has batteries.


The next 24 hours will be relatively calm. Tonight will be mostly cloudy. Areas of rain will pass by across areas south of I-20 after midnight. Rain will end by 6 AM. The high temperature near 65 degrees will happen just after midnight. The low of 50 will happen just after sunrise. The afternoon will be mainly in the 50s, and the sun will come out to make for a pleasant end to the week.