Clarke County residents may apply for disaster assistance loans

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CLARKE CO., Miss. (WTOK) - Home owners, renters and business owners are eligible for a disaster assistance loan after flooding in December 2018 caused damage throughout Clarke County.

“Disaster loans that are available right here, right now are for physical damage and economic injury, so if anybody that’s been affected by either one of those two things, the [Small Business Administration] is here to offer disaster assistance in the form of a low-interest loan,” says John Frederick the public affairs specialist with the SBA. “So that is for anybody who has been affected that has no insurance, or under-insured, you may be eligible for a SBA loan.”

The deadline to apply for a loan is April 1st.

“Basically just bring yourself, so it’s not an arduous task to fill out an application, we’re going to ask you some basic information: where do you work, where do you bank, and if you have insurance or not. Those are the basic questions we are going to ask you and then we can formulate the application from there,” Frederick says. “I kind of encourage people to fill out the application, because if we can’t help you there’s other entities that might be able to help you, but if you don’t fill out the application, in essence you’ve told the SBA and the state of Mississippi that you don’t need any more help, some of those different entities also require you to fill out the application for the SBA as part of the process of getting disaster aid.”

Pictures of your damage may be helpful, but are not necessary to fill out the application.

“What we’re going to do once you fill out an application, we’re going to send our inspectors and they will validate your damages and that will determine your loan amount,” Frederick explains. “So once we do that, they don’t necessarily need to bring pictures, but if you have pictures that will also be good as well.”

Other counties in our area where residents are able to apply for the loan include Wayne and Jones Counties.

The three ways to apply for the loan for Clarke County residents include going to the Clarke County Emergency Management Agency office at 642 South Archusa Avenue, online at or by calling 1-800-695-2955.