Distinguished Young Women highlight: Demia Bland

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LAUDERDALE CO., Miss. (WTOK) - Demia Bland is gearing up for the Distinguished Young Women of Mississippi Program.

“I’ll be doing a gymnastics routine. I’ve been doing gymnastics since I was 3, I did a ‘mom and tot’ class with my mom, and ever since then I’ve been doing gymnastics so I’ll just be doing that, just flipping around because that’s just something I’m very accustomed to doing,” Bland says.

Bland says she is most excited about making new friends and adding a new event to her life’s story.

“[I’m excited] to meet new people and then to stay with my host family,” Bland says. “It’s just an experience you don’t get every day, so it’s something that will be different for me, it’s something that I’ll remember for the rest of my life and I get to tell my kids about it and everything, so I just am excited for the whole process.”

The DYW Program is something Bland has been looking forward to for a while.

“I remember being young and watching [DYW contestants] go through the program and then for me to do the same thing, it just means a lot, and I think it’s making my younger self proud,” Bland says.

Bland hopes she’ll be able to make a positive impact on her community through participating in this program.

“Just to benefit the citizens, just to help anyway I can, the community is very important to me,” Bland says. “Just making other people happy and me impacting them just makes me happy.”

The Distinguished Young Women of Mississippi Program will be held at the Evangel Temple starting at 7:30 p.m. next Thursday and Friday, and then starting at 8 p.m. next Saturday.