District prepares for new school year

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) - School begins early Friday morning for hundreds of students in our area. The Lauderdale County School District is back in session.

“We are focusing on safety and making sure their children are taken care of,” Hodges says.

Safety is one of the top priorities of the Lauderdale County School District. Across 12 campuses, a uniformed officer is at each one. Hodges says this is important to have.

"I know the budget has been tight since the recession in 07, but we found a way to work with the sheriff's department to provide resource officers. We want a uniformed law enforcement officer on each campus,"

Around 6,600 students are heading to classes this week. Roughly 1,000 faculty and staff will also be on campuses.

Through attrition, Hodges says several teaching positions have gone away causing an increase in the amount of students per classroom. There have been some staff changes in the district.

“We just feel like administrator’s talent could possibly be a better fit in another setting. We have made some changes over the years. They understand it. We all understand that we all want what’s best for our students,” Hodges says.