Document: Democratic candidate was Republican in California

Howard Sherman (Source:
Howard Sherman (Source:
Published: Apr. 25, 2018 at 2:59 PM CDT
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More questions are being raised about the party loyalties of Howard Sherman, running as a Democrat for Republican Roger Wicker's Mississippi U.S. Senate seat.

Jackson lawyer Sam Begley on Tuesday provided The Associated Press with a California voter registration document showing Sherman registered as a Republican there for 16 years and voted in 2012 and 2016 Republican presidential primaries.

Begley, who supports state Rep. David Baria's candidacy, says the document is more proof Sherman isn't a true Democrat. Begley last week petitioned the Mississippi Democratic Party to disqualify Sherman because Sherman donated $5,000 to Sen. Wicker last year. That petition was denied.

Sherman campaign manager Giles Perkins says Sherman registered as a Republican because the California Democratic Party wasn't a good ideological fit. Perkins says Sherman fits well with Mississippi Democrats.

Sherman has been married to actress and Meridian native, Sela Ward, for over 25 years.