Drivers react to new Alabama law increasing gas tax

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - People who buy gas in Alabama will have pay more after the legislature passed and the governor signed an increase of 10 cents a gallon in the state tax.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed the gas tax hike bill into law Tuesday and many drivers are upset about it.

The law will raise gas prices up to ten cents a gallon over the next three years. Funds raised will go towards state road and bridge construction and repair projects.

An Alabama driver told Newscenter 11 she believes the higher tax will impact wallets negatively.

"Summer's about to come," driver Anita Sharp said. "People need their gas to get where they're going and you want to keep them in the state, not let them have to go out of state to get gas."

Most of Alabama's senators and representatives voted in favor of the gas tax increase. We reached out to local Sen. Bobby Singleton, Rep. Brett Easterbrook and Rep. Artis McCampbell but got no response as of this posting.