EMA officials prepare for the threat of winter weather

CLARKE CO. (WTOK) - EMA officials are expecting a busy night with the threat of possible snow conditions.

"We're urging people in the morning because the worst is expected between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Friday," EMA Director Eddie Ivy said.

EMA offices across the area are warning folks to take precautionary measures before the weather hits.

"We're urging people to be aware of the road conditions and their traveling," Ivy said. "Slow down, take your time, maybe leave a little bit early."

Clarke County Emergency Management Director Eddie Ivy says the agency is preparing for the worst to happen. Ivy says you can never be over prepared when it comes to citizen safety.

"My job is not one of spreading fear but it's definitely one where I have to be prepared and put the word out that, 'Hey, this could be bad.' Because history has taught us that if we are prepared for the worst and less happens then it's easier to deal with," Ivy said.

This approach benefits the people and emergency management responders.

"That's kind of our approach is that we try to make sure we've got everything addressed. You know everybody's prepared as much as they can so that we don't have problems," Ivy said.

Last, Ivy urges people to check your emergency preparedness kits and take care of any outside pets. He says the more prepared citizens are, the easier their job will be to keep you safe.

"Right now we're leaning to that 1 to 2 range and hoping for the best but at the same time, we're ready to go if we do get more," Ivy said.