EMA officials want people to take precautions during icy weather

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CLARKE COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) - Emergency Management officials are wanting to make sure everyone is prepared and ready to take on the cold.

"I think the greatest hazards we are going to face is the patchy ice that is going to develop on bridges as the temperatures drop below freezing,” says Clarke County Emergency Management Director Eddie Ivy.

With icy weather getting closer, Emergency Management officials are wanting to remind everyone to take precautions.

"If you have to be on the roads be aware of bridges and over passes because they are going to ice over first,” Ivy explains.

Some precautions include wrapping your pipes, using caution with space heaters or other heat sources, and dressing appropriately for the cold temperatures.

"Hypothermia doesn't take long to set in. In a cold environment use layers, dress for the temperatures to be in the teens and windshields below that epically at night,” explains Ivy.

Ivy mentions to be sure and protect your furry friends from the weather as well.

"Try to have them a warm place to be,” says Ivy. “Put some extra bedding in their dog house or fix a place for them to get in the carport or storage room where they can be out of the cold weather. "

Clarke County Public Works will be monitoring bridges and be ready to put sand on the bridges if needed.

"We are monitoring close with the Department of Transportation and the Weather Service to try to look out for the safety of the citizens as best we can,” says Ivy.