EMBDC hosts 22nd annual meeting

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - The East Mississippi Business Development Corporation had its 22nd annual meeting Wednesday, with the message, "if you don't think that way, you can't act that way".

George Schloegel, former Hancock Bank CEO and former mayor of Gulfport, was the guest speaker. He emphasized the importance of the connection between our actions and how we think.

"It's really teamwork, of how we can get better results by working together with other people and by not seeing ourselves as the hero but the team as the hero. And that comes from how we act but our actions come from how we think," said Schloegel.

The meeting allowed the general public to get updates on upcoming projects, such as developments at the I-20/59 Industrial Park.

Though the organization had layoffs due to its budget being reduced for the new fiscal year, upcoming chairman and CEO of Citizens National Bank, Archie McDonnell, says he's confident about 2019.

"We think it's looking great because we are preparing that industrial park to bring some significant business in to complement those small business start ups that you mentioned," said McDonnell.

McDonnell has worked for the bank for 44 years and has been actively involved with EMBDC for years.