EMBDC Golf Classic held Friday

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - The East Mississippi Business Development Corporation held its annual Golf Classic Friday.

“[The most fun part about the Golf Classic is just getting together and having a good time and playing with all the business leaders in an around Meridian, they come out for this,” says Archie McDonnell, the CEO of Citizens National Bank. “We do it every year and so just to get to ride around the golf course and talk to these guys, and it’s just a lot of fun.”

President of Meridian Community College Dr. Tom Huebner says there is a strong partnership between the college and the EMBDC.

“[MCC is] the wing that helps provide training and we provide obviously educational opportunities in higher education and to work to provide a skilled workforce and so any time we can be at an event like this to help support our friends and colleagues in the EMBDC, we’re certainly going to be here,” Huebner says.

The money raised at the event will go to the EMBDC to support their efforts in building the community.

“It’s really critical because we are only successful if our community and our region grows, and as a bank, that’s important to us,” McDonnell says. “Building the community and bringing jobs and industry here is important to every community.”

The event also serves as an opportunity for local businesses and industries to network.

“It’s important because not only do we want to support [the EMBDC’s] effort, we get a chance to mingle with folks in the community who are members of business and industry and just local people here who are working,” Huebner says. “So it’s good to just network and have those positive relationships.”

This is the 23rd year the EMBDC has held the Golf Classic.