EMBDC annual meeting looks to future

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - The business community from across East Mississippi filled the MSU Riley Center for the 20th Annual East Mississippi Business Development Corporation meeting.

“We tried to bring our members up to speed as to what is going on with workforce development both locally and state wide,” explained Jeff McCoy, Chairman of the EMBDC Board of Directors.

The annual meeting focused on the theme “Workforce on Demand” which showcased how the state and East Mississippi region fairs when it comes to workforce development opportunities.

“For the first time we really feel like we have a voice that is speaking from the same page, in a positive direction, and there is more progress that we have made in the last year and a half to two years than we have made in the last twenty years probably,” said Bob Luke, Past Chairman of the EMBDC Board of Directors.

Business leaders were also given some more insight about how Meridian was chosen by Raytheon to potentially build a new jet fighter facility in the Queen City.

“The next step is for Raytheon to win the contract from the government to build those planes and put the facility here in Meridian,” explained McCoy, “There is still work to go but working with Raytheon and with our congress, local officials hopefully we will be able to succeed in doing so.”

Business leaders explain that they are motivated to create jobs and enhance job opportunities to meet the workforce needed for potential projects, such as Raytheon.

“We have a community that shows workforce, quality of life, support for our military, and today we came together to show not only the community but show not only Raytheon, but show Washington and Jackson, that we are going to win this thing I promise you that,” said Luke.

Those with the EMBDC explain through continued community support the future of the region looks bright.