East Meridian storm damage reaction

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - A tornado did a significant amount of damage to many areas, especially on the east side of town. George Reese Apartments and homes along Grandview avenue saw some very severe damage.

"I heard the trees pop and I went to grab my daughter so that we could both get into the tub and when I looked out the window there were trees everywhere,” says Vickie Starks.

Starks lives on Grandview avenue. where there was a significant amount of storm damage. Power lines and trees covered both the backyard and the front. Part of a tree even smashed the back windshield of her car. Starks says she is grateful things weren't as bad as they could have been.

"I can always get the house or car replaced, but I can't replace mine or my daughters' lives,” Starks mentions.

George Reese Apartments also saw severe damage. The roof was completely torn off of one of the complexes.

"I didn't know what to expect or what I was running into,” says complex resident Charles Williams.

Williams lives in George Reese Apartments. He says several things were going through his mind as he rushed home from work after hearing about the damage.

"When I found out everything was destroyed, I was at work. We have a couple houses down on the other end where I live. My backyard and everything is destroyed. I told my manager, hey I have to go out here. That's my community, I have to go and try to help out,” says Williams.

Shingles and insulation were scattered across the area and roadways. City leaders, along with community members, came together to help clean up what was left of the roof.

"We are trying to clear some of the streets and show the citizens here that they have our support,” says Ward 2 Councilman Tyron Johnson.
Johnson says everyone in the complex made it out safely.