Election Day runs smoothly with new voting process

Published: Jun. 5, 2018 at 7:37 PM CDT
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The Congressional and Senate primary voting day has come and gone and election officials say everything has gone according to plan.

Officials say everything was running smoothly throughout the voting process Tuesday. This election is the first time Lauderdale County has used new paper ballots and machines at each precinct. Newscenter 11 spoke with voters as they were leaving their precinct.

“It was very easy. You mark what you want, take it over to the machine and put it in. It’s a one, two step,” voter Jackie Rupert says.

“It was pretty easy. I mean, none of it is really that hard. It’s just selecting who you’re going for. I didn’t think it was very hard at all,” voter Parker Dixon says.

“Every individual that’s registered, it’s important they get out and vote today. I don’t care if it’s a small group or a large group,” voter Rev. Charles Johnson says.

Election Commissioner Jeff Tate says they had around 700 absentee votes cast in this election. He says the turnout was lower than it was four years ago.