Election workers prepare for large voter turnout

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) - The polls will be open across Mississippi in a matter of hours, and election officials are making sure everything is in order.

One election worker in each precinct moved the ballot boxes from the Lauderdale County Courthouse Annex Monday afternoon.

Those boxes hold ballots and all the supplies needed to run an election.

This is a process that's done for every election across all the counties in Mississippi.

"So no matter how big or small the election, this process is about the same," election commissioner Jeff Tate says. "According to our absentee numbers, which is the only forerunner we could really use as far as a turnout, we're looking at well over 2,100 absentee voters."

That's three times the amount for the primaries in June. Poll workers expect a large voter turnout Tuesday.