Eleven Who Care review: Part 1

The world is full of people striving to make it a better place. And this area is no exception. This year's Eleven Who Care crop is full of community leaders, behind-the-scenes workhorses and nurturers - starting with Daisy Moulds.

"I believe in what the Salvation Army does, and I've met so many nice people," Moulds says.

For 49 years, Moulds has volunteered her time doing everything she can to support Meridian's Salvation Army store, from straightening clothes to helping shoppers find the perfect book.

Next, we found Aa'keela Hudnall. But she's hard to miss, because she's everywhere - working as a lawyer at a nonprofit organization, and she's also a member of the Rotary Club, First Ladies Civitan Club, Junior Auxiliary, Meridian Symphony Orchestra, Meridian Art Museum and Jimmie Rodgers Foudation.

"There's that saying that says you ought to be the change you want to see in the world, and I just really believe that," Hudnall says.

March brought us to Susie Johnson - the Meridian Symphony Association's executive director, who really deserves her time in the spotlight. Johnson teaches more than 50 teenagers to perform on stage through Stage 2. But she also volunteers with Meals on Wheels and teaches Bible Study.

"I see a need and want to meet the need, and I love my community," Johnson says.

Quitman-native Julie Holt shares that love of performance. She's moved across the country to sing and act, but she ended up right back here in Mississippi.

"I would like to see everything better," Holt says.

She began publishing the Christian News, joined the Lions Club, Miss. Tobacco Free Coalition, took on many church positions and continues to strive for racial harmony through Martin Luther King Unity Parade.

The month of May brought us Janelle Kidd, whose passion is helping kids. She makes trips through the Meridian Housing Authority to talk to kids and make sure they're making the right choices.

"They'll peep around and say, 'Oh, that's Nurse Kidd.' And I just love those kids," she says.

That led her to get involved with the MHA's annual scholarship endowment, now named after Kidd. Day after day, these volunteers step up to make a difference the best way they know how.

We'll take a look at the second half of our Eleven Who Care nominees Thursday on Newscenter 11.