Enterprise Middle School cheerleaders excel in national competition

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ENTERPRISE, Miss. (WTOK) - One of the top cheerleading squads in the nation is right in Clarke County. The Enterprise Middle School cheerleaders were ranked third in the country at a national competition.

“It was just a huge honor just to get the top-3 at such a big competition and going for your first time and being in middle school is just amazing,” says cheer co-captain Zoe Boos.

“I was so surprised with it being our first, it was a big honor to be there, and especially to get third because there were so many teams that are there,” says cheer co-captain Kylee Raye Dewitt.

The cheerleaders have been practicing their routine and honing their skills since last May.

“There was a lot of practices that really just made us better,” Boos says. “We spent a lot of time in the gym just working really hard on our skills and just perfecting them.”

“We’re here every day,” Dewitt says. “There wasn’t really a day that we weren’t in the gym and were here at least 2 hours or more every day.”

The team’s coach, Krystal Turner, knew from the very beginning that the team was destined for greatness.

“It is such an honor to have led this squad to the national championship,” Turner says. “I knew when these girls first tried out in May that they belonged in Orlando.”

Boos and Dewitt say being part of the squad is like being a part of a family.
“Just having to know that you always have a friend or someone that you kind of like share a common like,” Boos says.

“The sisterhood,” says DeWitt. “It’s like a family to us now, we’re all so close.”

This was the first year the Enterprise Middle School cheerleaders participated in the junior high portion of the National High School Cheerleading Championship.