Enterprise schools receive state recognition

ENTERPRISE, Miss. (WTOK) - A local school district is getting state attention, and it involves a visit from one of the top educators in Mississippi.

Claps of praise are what faculty, staff and students within the Enterprise School District received Friday. It was for the district once again receiving an "A" rating. It was one of only 15 of Mississippi's 147 public school districts to earn this distinction last year.

"We can't put any more pressure on them than what they already put on themselves," says Enterprise Superintendent Josh Perkins. "So, we're pleased with that."

Mississippi Department of Education Superintendent, Dr. Carey Wright, made a personal appearance in Enterprise Friday to congratulate the group, and spread good news about strides that are being made statewide.

"We have the highest graduation rate we've ever had,"says Wright. "Our ACT scores come up every year. We're outpacing most other states in the nation on national assessments, and proficiency rates in math have increased every year."

According to Dr. Wright, improvements are being made in both large and small districts throughout the state.

"In education size doesn't matter," says Dr. Wright. "You've got the largest district in the state with an "A" and some of the smaller districts with an "A." It's their commitment to making sure that kids are learning at a very high rate."

"We're truly blessed to have teachers, parents and students that are involved each and every day," says ESD Superintendent Perkins.

Optimistic about the results of testing later this school year, he says high achievement can be a challenge.

"The expectations are high and sometimes getting there is the easy part and maintaining that is a struggle," says Perkins. "When you start looking at student growth and academic growth, it can be a struggle."

In all, there are 147 public school districts in Mississippi. A total of 9 of those received an "F" rating last year. That's compared to 19 the previous one.