Evans: Lottery a couple of years away

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - While Mississippi lawmakers have approved the state having a lottery, Rep. Michael Evans points out the planning process may take a couple of years.

Source: MGN

Evans attended the monthly Council of Governments meeting in Meridian Monday.

"During the special legislative session, we passed the lottery bill. A lot of people are under the impression that they're going to have the lottery in the next couple of weeks," said state Rep. Michael Evans. "It's going to be about a two year process for the state to put in an application with the Powerball association. Then also get all the machines set up at the the convenience stores that will sell the tickets, so it's going to be 18 months to two years before we get the lottery here in Mississippi."

According to the lottery bill, the first $80 million collected will go to infrastructure, including roads and bridges in the state.

There were several other topics on the agenda at the COG meeting. Those included the lack of 911 service in some parts of Mississippi, no tax increases in Lauderdale County's next FY budget and an update on the Threefoot Building project.