Family of Alabama woman shot by police dispute claim

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AUBURN, Ala. (AP) -- Relatives of an Alabama woman shot and killed by police say authorities are wrongly trying to portray her as a drug abuser.

A statement from Auburn police last week says 36-year-old Melissa Boarts of Montgomery ingested six medications before her death at the hands of Auburn police in April, and not all were prescribed to her.

But Boarts' mother, Terry Boarts, said Friday that's untrue. She says her daughter had all the required prescriptions.

Police Chief Paul Register says tests couldn't determine if one of the six medications was prescription.

A grand jury decided against charging Auburn police who fatally shot Boarts. Her parents had called 911 for help fearing their mentally unstable daughter wanted to kill herself.

Authorities say police opened fire after Boarts charged them with a knife.