Federal judge to hear arguments over Mississippi LGBT law

Published: Jun. 15, 2016 at 5:49 PM CDT
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A federal judge will hear arguments Monday over challenges to a Mississippi law that could restrict access to same-sex marriage.

House Bill 1523 will become law July 1 unless it is blocked by U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves.

Four lawsuits say the measure is unconstitutional. They contend it denies equal protection to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. They also say it favors some religious beliefs over others.

The law provides protection for people with three religious beliefs: that marriage is only between a man and a woman, that sexual relations should only take place inside such a marriage and that a person's "immutable biological sex" is determined by anatomy and genetics at birth.

In addition to marriage licenses, the law could affect adoptions, business practices and school bathroom policies.