Fire officials teach kids fireworks safety

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LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WTOK) - With Independence Day celebrations approaching, the skies will be a little bit brighter and Louisville Fire department is reminding everyone to stay safe while shooting fireworks.

"Children should learn how to handle fireworks because many children get injured," says Bonnie Edwards, American Red Cross volunteer.

Kids in Louisville are learning just that.

"They could cause fires," says a safety camp goer.

The pops, bangs and crackles are always exciting but Louisville Fire Department and the American Red Cross want kids to know the importance of fireworks safety.

"Some of these kids are pretty young. This may be the first time they've ever been exposed to fireworks and we just want to start them off on the right track," says firefighter Jeff Franks.

Starting with rule number one. . . "Don't shoot them at nobody and don't shoot them at nobody's house," says Lacoriyona, who attended the safety camp.

The Fourth of July is one of the busiest days for firefighters, especially if we're in a drought.

"People shoot fireworks in the grass sometimes, abandoned fields, things like that so we actually respond to several on the fourth," says Franks.

Look for damp areas to shoot from that aren't near your home. Fire officials are also reminding parents of the danger of sparklers.

"People don't realize that's hot enough to burn metal," says Franks.

The fire department passed out firecrackers and demonstrated the proper way to use them in hopes the do's and don'ts will stick.

"They are dangerous and you need an adult around before you shoot them," says another safety camp attendee.

Remember to stand at least 25 feet away from fireworks. Do not let children handle fireworks alone. If you do catch your clothes on fire remember to stop, drop and roll.