Firework safety tips when ringing in the New Year

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) - With the final countdown to the year 2017 upon us this has many people heading to stores to buy fireworks to ring in the New Year.

“It has been pretty steady with people coming and going by doing last minute Christmas shopping and now they are shopping early to get their stuff ready for their New Year’s Celebration,” explained Charlie Denison, owner of Reds Fireworks Barn on Highway 19 South.

Denison has been selling fireworks for nearly 15 years and he explains safety is key when handling fireworks.

“Never set them on grass or an unstable ground, always set them on a hard flat surface so that way they won’t kick over and start shooting sideways on you,” said Denison.

Denison advises buyers to read labels thoroughly before lighting the fuse.

“Never try to relight one if it does not go off and most of the packages now tell you right on the top saying it may reignite so they encourage you to soak it with water after use, that way you will not start any fires,” said Denison.

Having a bucket of water or a garden hose handy is important to make sure no fires break out when shooting off fireworks.

“A lot of times people will just go ahead and wet down the whole area around them anyway before they start shooting to avoid a fire,” said Denison.

Denison also explains to only shoot one firework off at a time to reduce clutter and to also make sure kids are under adult supervision.

“Remember distance is your friend, have one person lighting the firework and everyone else stand in the way back to watch it go off so everyone should be safe with doing that,” said Denison.

By following a few safety tips it will make the New Year start off with a bang.