First 'Parent Academy' meeting this month

LAUDERDALE CO., Miss. (WTOK) - A program for parents of children starting kindergarten in Fall 2020 at Southeast or Northeast Lauderdale Elementary schools is beginning this month.

“I’ve been teaching kindergarten for 26 years and kindergartner expectations have changed and so for a lot of parents, they don’t know our expectations unless they have a kid in school,” says Christi Bernard, a kindergarten teacher at Southeast Elementary School. “So when their kid comes to kindergarten, they’re not ready for kindergarten so we want to work with our parents and give them some hands on activities that they can take and go home and do with their child.”

For Southeast Elementary, the first of 5 meetings of the new ‘Parent Academy’ will be October 14.

“We’re doing an 11:30 meeting for the parents that might could come during their lunchtime and then we’re also going to do a meeting at 6 o’clock that evening, and they will [both] last for one hour. At the 6 o’clock meeting, we will have child care provided for ages 4 and up,” Bernard says. “For our first workshop we’re going to be working on fine-motor skills, we’re going to be working on gross motor skills, and self-help skills. The parent will leave the workshop with a manual in their hand and some hands-on activities that they can go home and do with their child.”

The first session for Northeast Elementary will be on October 17th. There is no cost to attend.

“We would really love our parents to come out and support us on this,” Bernard says. “If you have a child that’s entering kindergarten in the fall, we would love to have you come. And you don’t have to be the child’s parents, any guardian: grandmother, grandfather, etc.”

For more information, you can call Northeast at 601-485-4882 or Southeast at 601-486-2500.