First Responders: Captain Charlie Brown

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - In First Responders we go to the Air National Guard at Key Field where we find Captain Charlie Brown. He has been serving people through firefighting since the 1970s. He's nearing the end of his long career, but says he wouldn't trade it.

“I’m still happy. I’ve been fortunate,” Brown says.

44 years of service as a firefighter. All of it has been right here in Meridian. Charlie Brown joined the Meridian Fire Department In 1975.

“Some friends of mine had gone to work at the fire department. They seemed to really get into it, so I said I would try to get into it. I’ve loved it from day one,” Brown says.

After 20 years at Meridian, Brown transitioned to Key Field and is now a station captain. He says things have changed over the years.

“When I went to work they gave you some turnout gear and put you on a truck and you learned to be a firefighter,” Brown explains.

Brown’s passion and excitement in this line of work remains prevalent 44 years later.

“I get the rush of an emergency. I like it. I’ve always liked. It’s been in my blood my entire adult life,” Brown says.

As for family, Brown has inspired his own son. He too is now in a fire department and even sells fire equipment around the state.

“When he was just a small boy, anything that was going on up at the fire station he wanted to be there. He always wanted his mom to take him to the city,” Brown says.

Brown is now on the verge of retirement. We asked him if he believes he has made a difference over his 4 decade career.

“I hope I have. I have,” Brown says.

He says he will miss his fellow firefighters.

They are here for you. What they do is be there to serve. That’s what this is all about, to serve our fellow citizens,” Brown says.

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