First Responders: Clarke County Deputy Eric Lee

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CLARKE COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) - In First Responders we talk with a member of law enforcement about his time as a deputy in Clarke County and what it's like to have a son in the same line of work.

“My favorite things are truly keeping the good guys safe and locking up the bad guys,” Lee says.

For the past six years Deputy Eric Lee has been keeping the roads and streets safe in Clarke County.

“It’s the adventure and excitement. I like the idea that I get the opportunity to help someone,” Lee says.

Lee began as a reserve officer at the Meridian Police Dept.. He says he always knew he wanted something to do with law-enforcement.

“Growing up, my favorite show on TV was COPS. It still is. It just marooned from there. I’ve always been supportive of the good guy. I just felt the calling, as they say,” Lee says.

Lee has many goals while he is a deputy, the main focus is making sure the citizens of Clarke County always feel safe.

“The dope dealers and the burglars and bad people that come out every day. So we have to do our job, as well,” Lee explains.

Deputy Lee’s son is also in law-enforcement. You might remember him, He was featured as our sixth First Responder.

“We get tips from each other. We feed off each other. It’s a good thing. I’m happy he’s doing well in law enforcement. He supports me and I support him,” Lee says.

Family plays a big role in the support system. It allows Lee to continue his career helping others and keeping crime off the streets.

“They kiss me and tell me they love me every time I go to work. That helps out a lot. I do what I can to make it back to them,” Lee explains. “I will continue doing this until they take my badge and vehicle away, then I’ll be done.”

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