First Responders: Deputy Jacob Mathis

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) - In our 79th First Responders, we ride along with the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department. We ride shotgun with Deputy Jacob Mathis.

"It's something I knew I wanted to do ever since I was a small child," Mathis says.

Deputy Jacob Mathis has been in law enforcement for eight years. He is a DUI enforcement officer for Lauderdale County.

"I had an encounter with a law enforcement officer at a very young age and I liked the way he conducted himself and had pride. It put an image in my mind of what I wanted to be from that point forward," Mathis says.

Catching those who are under the influence of a substance is something Mathis has trained for extensively. He says a simple traffic stop could lead to saving an innocent person's life.

"During the day, it's estimated that four out of ten drivers are impaired on something. That's not just alcohol, that includes prescription narcotics," Mathis says.

Mathis says it's not always a fun job. He says there are many downsides that come with serving the public.

"See a lot of things that you're not able to forget that will stick with you for the rest of your life. It wears on you over time, but you have to know and understand that evil does exist in the world," Mathis says.

Mathis says his family supports him and is understanding about his role in the community.

"Without that love and support from the home life, it would make this job very hard. I have been in it eight years and the retirement for me is a 30 year system. I see myself doing it for the whole 30 years and maybe some more," Mathis says.

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