First Responders: Deputy Neal Grogan

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) - In First Responders, we meet Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Deputy Neal Grogan. Grogan has been in law enforcement for the last 17 and a half years.

“My father was in the National Guard and he was gone to summer camp one year when we had some guys pull up to our house and hook a motor home to it. I didn’t know who they were until three weeks later. Turns out, they were watching a suspected meth lab down the road from our house,” Grogan says.

At around the age of 9 years old Neal Grogan says his interest in law enforcement began. He began law enforcement career in 1993 at the Meridian Police Department followed by some time at the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics. Grogan also went active duty with the National Guard. He has been a Lauderdale County Deputy since November 2016.

“Nothing is ever the same. One minute you can be dealing with a wreck, next minute you can be helping somebody that’s lost a child or child that has runaway, or somebody that has been shot. You just never know what the next minute is going to have in this job,” Grogan says.

Grogan says there are downsides to being a law enforcement officer. He says he doesn’t get to see his wife of 21 years and his two children as much as he used to. He says they fully support him in what he does. He says his 13-year-old son like to help.

“My son has gotten to the point where he is looking for expired tags as we are riding down the road from church. It’s kind of funny,” Grogan says.

Grogan says he wants the public to know that they are not out to get people. He says they are there for the community and to keep people safe.

“If you’re doing wrong, you’re going to get caught eventually. We’re not out harassing people, we are out for the welfare of the county,” Grogan says.
Grogan says he doesn’t know how much longer he will be in law enforcement he doesn’t have plans to change things any time soon.

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