First Responders: Firefighter Cody Inhulsen

Published: Oct. 20, 2019 at 9:24 PM CDT
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In First Responders, we meet up with a member of the Meridian Fire Department. He's newer to the Department, but says he plans on working hard to work his way up the ladder. We meet Cody Inhulsen.

“Just trying to help out everybody,” Inhulsen says.

Cody Inhulsen has been in the fire department for about a year and a half, but he got started in a volunteer department in Butler, Alabama five years ago.

“It wasn’t the first thing I ever wanted to do. I never knew I liked it until I joined the volunteer department,” Inhulsen says.

Inhulsen says he saw where the Meridian Fire Department was taking applications and that’s when he signed up.

“I put my application in and a year and a half later, I’m right here,” Inhulsen says.

Inhulsen has two new twin babies at home. He says his family is supportive of his career path in the department.

“I know every time I come to work my mom always worries, but that’s what moms do. They worry about their son. The wife, she’s been around the fire department her probably all her life,” Inhulsen says.

Inhulsen says the group of people involved in the fire department make it so much better than working a regular nine to five job.

“The make it worth working here. We just become a big family. We eat together and hang out together,” Inhulsen says.

Eating and hanging out is all put the side as soon as the tones drop.

During our talk, that’s exactly what happened. From doing and interview with Tom Willaims to climbing into Engine 1 and responding to a call at a moment’s notice. It took just 37 seconds before Inhulsen was on his way to serving the people of Meridian through his role in the Meridian Fire Department.

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